Intro to commands

Command is a single word item which starts with a '/' which when typed in yelo channels get executed and fetch you relevant information / interface to get things done.

Chances are that you already know commands, if not try them out right away at

Eg.: /football, /schedule, /happy, /welcome, /list, /poll, etc.

Commands are one-liners that can help achieve a simple computational task. They are just like shell commands, except stronger and accessible from anywhere and they go far beyond text as a way of interaction.

Commands fit many use cases:

  1. Personal daily automation
  2. Create commands for your organization and get in front of yelo users quickly
  3. Internal process automation at your organization


Whatever be the reason, this guide will serve you well. This guide mainly focuses on helping you create a command / nano-app.

Lets get started with basic command syntax

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